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VN Video Editor MOD APK

VN Video Editor is a very popular and free video editor application for all Android users. You can import videos, trim, paste, adjust speed, brightness, apply effects, animations, text, filters, stickers, and more.

It is very difficult to find video editing apps for mobile, this is said because there are many video editing apps available in the play store and you can use them for video editing. But most of the video editing applications are not good and also provide very limited functions. Some of them provide amazing and useful options and tools like VN Video Editor Mod APK.

VN Video Editor is a free and easy-to-use video editing application that comes with a decent set of functions. It includes all basic and advanced functions for creating videos. It is a more vibrant and easy-to-use application than other video editing applications. The best part is that you can get VN Video Editor on any device like PC, iOS, Mac, or Android. But VN Video Editor Mod APK is only available for Android mobile users.

The interface of this application is very friendly and can easily import all the multimedia files from your device’s gallery. You can then use its flexible timeline to edit and create videos with ease. Here you can cut, paste, adjust video speed, apply amazing effects, filters, and much more. In addition, it provides many advanced functions such as chroma key, image key animation, mask, etc.

Hey, we will provide Descargar VN Video Editor Mod APK for all functions. For example, you can export high-definition videos without a watermark. We also cover in detail all the excellent features it offers. Then, if you are really interested in downloading, let’s get started.

What Is VN Video Editor MOD APK?

VN Video Editor Mod Apk is an advanced, powerful, and featured package video editor. This is a modded app that is unlocked and allows all users to access Pro features. Handy editing tools and pre-made templates help you create videos like a pro. The interface of this application is very easy and suitable for both beginners and professionals. All of its professional unlocked features are freely available to use on any Android smartphone and tablet with ease.

What does it do?

Here in VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow Android, users will have a fully featured video editor fully capable of providing professional-looking images and engaging videos for social media. Feel free to select any footage available on your mobile devices and start working with the features available in the app as you enable interesting visuals in the app.

Get access to the simple and intuitive user interface of the application, which will make it very easy for you to edit your footage. Use professional editing tools to create amazing movies with all kinds of cool effects. Try the amazing collection of editing tools in VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow, which will allow you to quickly edit your content. Feel free to customize the background music and audio elements however you like.

Best Features of VN MOD APK

It is possible to separate that VN offers many useful editing functions and it’s Mod Apk allows all users to access innumerable options. So, if you really want to use and install this application, you need to know what functions it offers. So we decided to discuss in detail the best features of this application. here you have it

Use Multi-Layer Timeline

The timeline plays an important role in any video editing application. Therefore, having a flexible timeline in a video editor is very important and VN offers a timeline of various layers in its editing interface. You must import all multimedia files such as videos, photos, stickers, and music at the moment and adjust the position. Here you should put all the multimedia files in the correct place to make the video. In the timeline, you can cut, paste, apply effects, drag, duplicate video clips, and more easily.

VN Video Editor MOD APK

By clicking on the timeline, you will find all the tools and options for editing your video. You can easily choose any of the pre-made templates to edit, apply any filter, adjust the video speed, split, crop, or use FX, crop, reverse, and much more. Now, you can even zoom in and out to edit videos with precision and ease. Therefore, it provides complete options that include a timeline of multiple layers for free.

Chroma Key on Green Screen

Chroma Key is a very powerful tool to easily remove the background of your videos. To create files or other professional videos, you must use the green screen and the chroma key on your device. VN also provides this tool to remove the background of the video.

VN Video Editor MOD APK

You can remove the green part of the video using this chroma key. Then, you can use different images or video clips in the removal part. This is the most useful function to remove any background from the video. Then, if you want to use the chroma key in VN Mod Apk, then you need to grab a video with a green screen or use some superfetation. The application also offers some impressive superpositions and you can use them for free.

Use Keyframe Animation on Video

The animation looks great and you definitely need to use animations in videos. Now creating great animations is not easy and you can use third-party apps for the same. But VN Pro Mod Apk already gives you the option of keyframe animation. So you can easily create amazing animations for free using keyframes in this app.

You need to click on the video or photo on the timeline and then you will get the keyframes option. You can then create the animation with the Curve tool and select the path. In this way, you can easily use the keyframe animation tool in your videos.

Pre-Made Video Templates and Effects

Premade video templates are really great for creating short stories or status videos. If you don’t know how to edit or create videos from scratch, you can use their video templates to make professional videos. First of all, you have to choose the best template and click on the download button. Then you can click “Use Template” and import videos and photos from the phone gallery. When you have selected all the photos and videos, click Next. Now the app automatically creates videos for you. You can customize it like change the text, cropping, or replacing any photo or video. You can then export the video to your device in high quality.

VN Video Editor MOD APK

VN Mod Apk provides a large collection of effects and special effects for free. Get all those effects in the lower part of the time line while editing. You can click on any effect and see a preview. Once you find the best effect, click Apply to all. In addition, you get tons of beautiful animated transitions to use between videoclips. So, if you are looking for a video editor with many amazing effects, install the application VN Video Editor Pro for free.

Add Music, Customize Background Music, and Voice Over

Video without music and sound is meaningless and you definitely need to use proper music sound in your video. VN offers the option to import any audio to the timeline and customize it for free. You can adjust the volume, cut, paste, adjust the duration, etc.

In the timeline, you first get the music option, after you tap on it, you get three options. First, you can add music from your phone, second, insert sound effects from the VN library and record your voice. The collection of sound effects is amazing and you get various types of sounds like cartoon, funny, ringtone, etc. All sound effects can be easily played and inserted into your video.

Now if you are a video content creator and want to give voice to your videos, you can do it with this app. After making a video, you can record with a microphone and it is automatically added to the video. This feature is really useful, especially for all content creators.

Advanced Subtitle Tool

You can watch many videos with subtitles and if you want to create your own video with subtitles, you can do it with VN. It offers a powerful and advanced subtitle tool and you can easily add title slides and text overlays to the video timeline. Then you can also change the fonts, the color of the text, and its size. Also, VN provides a lot of beautiful subtitle presets for free use. Set subtitle duration and create the perfect subtitle video on your device.

Use Text in Different Fonts and Colors

Sometimes we need to add text to videos, especially for making informational and educational videos. Therefore, most video editors come with the text tool feature, and here you can also add text with different fonts and colors. On the timeline, you get the text option and then you get a few presets to choose from. Once you select a preset, you can edit the colors, sizes, fonts, etc.

Apply Filters, Stickers, Emojis

When you open this app you get the filter option and all the filters are visible. But VN does not provide a large number of filters, stickers, and emojis. You get some stickers and emojis.

The good thing is that you can import stickers and emojis from your phone and use them directly in the video. So any stickers or emoji you want, you can easily import them.

Share your Project

The project-sharing feature is very useful and is only possible on a computer. But VN also makes it possible on mobile devices. With the VN code, you can share your video project with any number of users. You can also use various social media platforms to share the project. Sometimes we need to share work with clients or our friends. VN makes sharing video projects very convenient. You can also use Training Boy and Stumble Boy Mod for more fun.

Export Video without Watermark

After editing and creating a video, you need to export or produce it. After this, users can easily watch the video on any video player. Correct? So if you want to export videos without a watermark, you should use VN MOD APK Pro Unlocked. Because the free version of this app contains a watermark that you can’t remove for free. For this, you need to have a premium subscription. But this VN Video Editor Mod Apk allows you to export high-definition videos without a watermark on the videos.

No Ads on App Interface

The ads are very annoying and annoying but if you install it from the play store then you will get some ads on the app interface. A full-screen ad will still appear when you open the app. So if you want an ad-free experience, download and install VN Video Editor Mod Apk. There are no ads on its interface.

Unlock all Pro Features

There is no doubt that VN has become one of the most popular video editors out there. Millions of users actively use it to create amazing videos. The reason behind this is that it provides all the essential features for free. But some advanced features are only available for premium users and you can’t use them for free.

But if you really want to use those pro features then you need to download VN Pro App Mod Apk. It is fully unlocked and works great on all Android smartphones. After installing this app, you can use all Pro Unlocked features without any limits or restrictions.

How to Download VN Video Editor [VlogNow] Pro MOD APK and Install Successfully?

Finding and downloading a working VN MOD app is not an easy task. Because there are many such sites on the web that offer the wrong applications. It doesn’t work and it’s installed fine. So, we tested our VN Mod Apk on various devices and made it available for you on this page. It works great and you just need to click the download button to get it.

Make sure to install it after the download is complete. If you don’t know how to install the app successfully, please follow our step-by-step guide to do it easily. Here it is

  • Just open a browser and visit this page. After that, click on the top download button.
  • When the download is complete, open File Manager and click on the application.
  • You may need to enable “Unknown Sources” so click on the setting and enable it.
  • After that tap on the back button and then you will get the install button.
  • Click Install and wait a few seconds.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to use VN MOD APK Pro Unlocked on your device.

Download VN Video Editor MOD APK

V2.0.6 || 162MB

System Requirments

In order to get the best and most stable performance while using this app, your device must meet the minimum system requirements. Here you can check if your device meets those requirements or not.

ProcessorOcta-Core Processor with 2.0GHz Clock Speed [Recommended Snapdragon 710]
RAM4GB or More
OSAbove Android 5.0
PermissionCamera, Microphone, Location, Wi-Fi, Gallery, Phone Storage

People Also Ask [FAQ]

Many people have questions and are seeking answers, so we have compiled a list of common questions and their answers:

Does VN Video Editor Pro MOD APK Work Offline?

It is necessary to have the internet to download video templates, FX, and other effects. But VN Video Editor Mod Apk works offline and all tools also work fine.

Is VN MOD APK Export Video Without Watermark?

Yes, you can produce high-quality videos with no watermark. The original Apk exports the video with a watermark but the Mod Apk exports all your video without a watermark.

Can I Use VN Video Editor MOD APK on PC?

Yes, you can use VN Video Editor MOD APK on your PC easily. Even VN also provides the PC version but you can’t use the pro unlocked feature. But if you want to use Mod Apk then install Bluestacks.

Final Words

In this guide, we try to share VN Video Editor MOD APK Download with All Pro Unlocked Features. In addition, we also discuss all the great features that the app offers for free. I hope you like this page and share it with your friends and on social networks. Also read, Kipas Guys APK Free.

Let us know if you have any questions or queries. Now, which feature do you like the most? Is it keyframe animation or export video without a watermark? Let me know with a lovely comment below. Also, keep visiting this page for helpful app updates. Finally, thank you for visiting our website.