The show begins with a disturbing scene in which a young woman dressed in wedding attire is found dead in a public restroom.

The investigating officers become suspicious that a serial killer is on the loose as the number of missing women in Mandawa and the neighboring parts of Rajasthan increases.

The officers' investigation leads them to Anand Sawnakar, a seemingly innocuous man who teaches Hindi literature at a girls’ school.

The plot does not waste time revealing the killer’s identity, but instead focuses on the anatomy of the killer’s mind and the detectives' efforts to catch him.

The drama's fundamental theme is caste discrimination, which is highlighted through various encounters in the show.

 Many characters are introduced and seen across the first few episodes, simmering in their own worlds until they are brought together.

Sonakshi Sinha delivers a strong performance in her OTT debut as the lead detective, Anjali Bhaati.

The cinematography by Tanay Satam beautifully captures the rustic villages of Rajasthan, lending authenticity to the narrative.

The Rajasthani dialect used by the entire cast as a common language further adds to the show's authenticity.

The show features crisp writing, strong performances, and a fast-paced narrative, making it an engaging watch despite some issues with the editing.