Love Again Movie Review

The movie revolves around Mira, who is dealing with the sudden death of her ex-fiancé, and Rob, a music journalist who is interviewing Celine Dion.

 Mira tries to move on by using dating apps, but she can't find the connection she seeks, so she texts her thoughts to her ex's old number.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas delivers a convincing performance as Mira, drawing the audience into her character's grief

However, the narrative loses its focus when it shifts to Rob, played by Sam Heughan, who is a music journalist that doesn't know Celine Dion's music, and there is no backstory to his character.

 Rob becomes fascinated with Mira and starts to stalk her, which leads to their meet-cute halfway through the film.

Nick Jonas makes a short cameo appearance as a single-minded jock, providing some comedic relief.

Celine Dion plays an agony aunt/love-guru character, and she talks about losing her real-life husband, René, which is the film's most intriguing and heartfelt aspect.

 However, the movie quickly throws out any explorations of grief and trauma, and the pace is tedious, with only brief moments of levity.

Love Again falls prey to rom-com tropes, being sappy, entirely predictable, and lacking enough comedy.